1.  Go to Biotics Research’s website at:  http://www.bioticsresearch.com/index.php

2.  Click on Gain Access

3.  Click the Log In tab, Enter your *username and password.  (Don’t have one… see below) Click log in.

4.  Hover over the Professional Info Center link across the top of the page and select “Educational Videos” on the drop down menu.  

5.  Under the heading Biotics Research Webinars scroll down the list and click on:

    “Diabesity Beyond Diet: Focus on Dysbiosis and Detoxification”


1.  Go to Biotics Research’s website at:  http://www.bioticsresearch.com/index.php

2.  Click on Gain Access

3.  Click on the Request Website Access.  Fill out the registration form.

4.  Click on the Request Website Access link below the CAPTCHA.

     Account approval can take up to 24 hours to complete.

To access Biotics Research complimentary webinars

Biotics’ brand new updated APP as the easiest way to access past webinars.

     Click here for instructions.


* Need a username and password: